Alphabet (For Cyril and Methodius, Missionaires and Translators)

Today’s poem is written in honour of brothers Cyril and Methodius, the ninth-century missionaries and translators who are credited with developing an early form of the Cyrillic alphabet as a means of expressing spiritual truths in Slavic tongues.

Alphabet (For Cyril and Methodius)

As He speaks our languages,
Blazing truth in every tongue,
Cataloguing all His grace to
Deaf ears and dumb hearts;

Every eye must see the shapes
Formed in alphabets of truth.
God Himself gives words their sound;
He takes our scribbled, muted forms,
Incoherent without Him,
Jumbled-up without His truth, and
Kisses them with life.

Letters without meaning and
Mnemonics without purpose
Now jump forth from printed page,
Opened up before our eyes.

Pages breathing Spirit’s flame, our
Quaking hearts can read –
Read the truth, eternal, deep,
Syntax crafted in God’s heart,
Truth contained in alphabet:
Useless if our eyes are closed,
Violent in the minds it scans,

Working down deep into bone,
X-ray of our marrow,
Year on year always the same, the
Zero point of truth.

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