Hope in C Major

I had the idea for this poem playing over in my head this evening on the way home from the working week. If you’ve followed my poetry much over the past year or so you might have noticed that often what I write can be quite dark or melancholy. Today’s poem expresses perhaps my desire to express myself in other ways, and the joy that comes from finding a more positive tune to sing.

Hope in C Major

I have long rehearsed these minor keys;
I know every diminished chord.
Atonal clusters sound in me;
I linger on sharps and flats.

But sometimes my fingers stumble on
A chord that rings bright and true,
And all my minor chords resolve
With notes that sing like home,

My hand stretched out across the keys,
Surprised to find beneath
My fingers’ disarray three notes
That hold together me,

Rearranged yet still my ears
Know what chord they now hear:
A sound of resolution and
A space for songs to rest.

2 thoughts on “Hope in C Major

  1. A sound of resolution and
    A space for songs to rest.

    So eloquent. Reminded me of Alicia Keys’s poetry in some parts (she had a book called “Tears for Water” and her poems―as can be expected―usually had metaphors involving the piano. 🙂 But the unique part is that music here is a translation for joy. I daresay you succeeded in your attempt to digress from “dark” verse. (Although really, you don’t what verse that dark!)

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