George MacDonald and the Regenerated Imagination

Well, our month of looking at George MacDonald is now finished, and to conclude it here is an essay I have written on MacDonald’s work. We have been focusing here through August on MacDonald’s poetry, but his work was far broader than that, so this essay considers not only his poetry but also his manyContinue reading “George MacDonald and the Regenerated Imagination”

Run Run Ever (After George MacDonald’s “No End of No-Story”)

The first thing I ever read by George MacDonald was his most dreamy children’s novel, At the Back of the North Wind, a book which compelled me as much as it mystified me. I remember vividly the moment that I encountered the poem, sometimes entitled “No End of No-Story”, which appears in the novel – aContinue reading “Run Run Ever (After George MacDonald’s “No End of No-Story”)”

Sowing (After George MacDonald’s “Better Things”)

Like many Victorian poets, George MacDonald often wrote poems which were far longer than they needed to be and far more flowery than readers today are comfortable with. But when he succeeded with a poem, he really succeeded, at his best when his form allowed for a simplicity and crispness of language and imagery thatContinue reading “Sowing (After George MacDonald’s “Better Things”)”

Fragments of a Prayer (After George MacDonald’s “A Broken Prayer”)

I’ve been slipping behind a bit in my poetry project this month. There’s been a lot going on in my life! But it’s time to start catching up. So today I’m looking at one of George MacDonald’s most complex but also compelling poems, “A Broken Prayer”, a poem written in a hybrid of free andContinue reading “Fragments of a Prayer (After George MacDonald’s “A Broken Prayer”)”

The Fledgling (After George MacDonald’s “Diary of an Old Soul”)

One of the most powerful and touching works that George MacDonald wrote, although also one of his least known, is his sequence of poems entitled, a little awkwardly, “A Book of Strife in the Form of the Diary of an Old Soul”. The book includes a poem for each day of the year, each oneContinue reading “The Fledgling (After George MacDonald’s “Diary of an Old Soul”)”

12 Poets #5: George MacDonald

Well, it’s time sadly to say goodbye to Christina Rossetti, but also time to say hello to a new poet. This month we will be looking at another great Victorian writer, the Scottish novelist, preacher and poet George MacDonald. MacDonald is more famous perhaps for his fantasy novels for children, but he was, like mostContinue reading “12 Poets #5: George MacDonald”