And who is my neighbour? Part 3

Being a neighbour is fraught at any time, but in a time when suburbs, states and families are being isolated from one another, it is even harder. As an Australian, being part of an island nation has much impact on how we view our own place in the world, and in this time of reminding myself continually that “no man is an island”, I have turned to this theme for the third and final installment in my video poem series, “And who is my neighbour?”

It’s been a delight to collaborate with Asher Graieg-Morrison who has supplied music for each of these films. Check out his rich and textured work here.

My new book needs you

Les Feuilles Mortes Cover
Image – Robert Kingdom, “Drawing Near”
Now more than ever we need each other. And we need art that helps us process all the strangeness and loss of this season we’re all in. And so I’d like you to be involved with my new book project. I’m planning a socially distanced book launch for a few months from now. Where you come in as a reader of The Consolations of Writing is that you can get a free advanced digital copy of the book, if you’d be willing to film yourself reading your favourite poem from the collection and be part of a video collage of readers around the world. Interested? Drop me a line in the comments box or via and I’ll keep you posted as the project develops.

Meanwhile, here’s a preview.