Winter came

            unnoticed; we thought it had arrived.               The subtle lull                         of autumn tricked us             with its need for cardigans                         and leaves aesthetically arranged                              Continue reading “Winter came”

Les Feuilles Mortes

Yes, the leaves die as they go golden,       yet this does not speak to me of death, as hand-in-hand we walk below bowers           which colour      the world’s bright defiant grave.   Tombs carry promise, still dormant – a longing –      life hidden by theseContinue reading “Les Feuilles Mortes”

Autumn Soul

Poor leaves – gold before the sun is gone, heat-confused, your brothers green, fallen now before your time, the street lined thick with your mistake – leaves, lie still and wait. Last week summer ruled the street; spring creeps in, winter retreats. We mourned the heat, we dreamt the dreams that drove the leaves downContinue reading “Autumn Soul”