Running with Horses

Weeping prophet with the puffy eyes:I’ve run with men and am at my end.Tell me how you ran with horses;tell me how you stood to run.Prophet sitting in Zion’s rubble:did you see Messiah weepingin the broken city’s puddles?Did He lift you, man of tears?Broken prophet dragged by crowds,did you see heaven’s horses’ flight?Arms bound byContinue reading “Running with Horses”

Lent 32: Saturday of Fourth Week

Some will say: Had we been alive then, we would not have killed the prophets or despised their words. Yet the Truth stands to rebuke.   In every heart, the secret depths defy what shines with grace before us, takes, destroys, the tender things and carves a throne from bones.   Jerusalem, Jerusalem: the fireContinue reading “Lent 32: Saturday of Fourth Week”