The plans I have for you

Itching ears may long to hear,All is well. Everyone relax.But truth is rarely so welcome, or simple;more often we hear All is not well before it is well.More often the doctor diagnoses before healing;the exiles must first be exiledbefore coming home.All shall be well. All manner of thingsshall be well. But first we must learntheContinue reading “The plans I have for you”

Psalm: Chorale (The Cornucopia of Heaven)

Early on Saturday morning, the fire brigade was called to my church – a 150-year-old heritage-listed building on the corner of one of Melbourne’s most iconic streets, and the building which my fiancée and I recently booked to celebrate our marriage. That day, the Bible reading my church family was looking at in our devotional timesContinue reading “Psalm: Chorale (The Cornucopia of Heaven)”

Catechism 37

Catechism 37 How does the Holy Spirit help us? The Holy Spirit convicts us of our sin, comforts us, guides us, gives us spiritual gifts and the desire to obey God; and he enables us to pray and to understand God’s Word. (New City Catechism) Dove: my best attempts are straw. My righteousness is dust,Continue reading “Catechism 37”

Lent 32: Saturday of Fourth Week

Some will say: Had we been alive then, we would not have killed the prophets or despised their words. Yet the Truth stands to rebuke.   In every heart, the secret depths defy what shines with grace before us, takes, destroys, the tender things and carves a throne from bones.   Jerusalem, Jerusalem: the fireContinue reading “Lent 32: Saturday of Fourth Week”