Noah’s Ark: For Eli

I. Delighted by animals, God and rain, my son finds kinship in Noah’s ark, commentating the story as I leaf through his Bible: “Rain! Giraffe. Boat. Noah. Wet. Monkeys!” How to convey what a rainbow’s about, or how I long for him and his brothers to be kept safe in the ark as the floodContinue reading “Noah’s Ark: For Eli”

Damascus Road: Pre-War

In Damascus, people whisper when out in public. When a waiter arrives at a table, people stop talking… Then he said what I kept hearing over and over on this trip: “Syrians cannot do this to other Syrians.” (Janine di Giovanni, “Seven Days in Syria”) In the days before spring burst in war, some stillContinue reading “Damascus Road: Pre-War”