The Truth is Three Persons (For Gilles Deleuze)

You say I see the world as monochrome – No texture and without tonality. The truth for you grows wild: reality Springs forth, connected, plural, as rhizome. Perhaps it’s true; I’d rather be at home Within the comfort of fixed certainty, For here amidst truth’s many pleats I see The wholeness seen across each movingContinue reading “The Truth is Three Persons (For Gilles Deleuze)”

Lines of Flight

No root, no trunk, no stem, only these weeds; No path to travel, only lines of flight. No start, no finish, unity or seed, Only these thoughts that twist and turn, alight. And when the course is twisted and the root Cannot be simplified, then who are we? We are creators and Creation’s fruit, WeContinue reading “Lines of Flight”

Sonnet for Gilles Deleuze

Being is constant creativity, Or so old Gilles Deleuze has made us think, But reading him my mind caves inwardly, My being draining outwards down the sink. These post-structuralists, they all like to speak And multiply their words like plural truths, But at day’s end, we all of us must eke A living out, forContinue reading “Sonnet for Gilles Deleuze”