Autumn Soul

Poor leaves – gold before the sun is gone, heat-confused, your brothers green, fallen now before your time, the street lined thick with your mistake – leaves, lie still and wait. Last week summer ruled the street; spring creeps in, winter retreats. We mourned the heat, we dreamt the dreams that drove the leaves downContinue reading “Autumn Soul”

The Week of Cherry Blossoms

Today is something of an anniversary for me. Seven years ago, on this day, I wrote my first adult poem. I remember this because it was the last day of winter, and unusually warm. The poem was about a new crush after a long relationship had ended. I’m sure it would be highly embarrassing toContinue reading “The Week of Cherry Blossoms”

Joy in Each Season (After Christina Rossetti’s “The One Certainty”)

Christina Rossetti wrote many sonnets, most of them very compelling. This poem is based on one of her more shocking sonnets, one inspired by the book of Ecclesiastes. You can read the original poem here. I have used Rossetti’s poem as my basis, but have tried to inject a bit more hope into its resolution. Continue reading “Joy in Each Season (After Christina Rossetti’s “The One Certainty”)”