Christmas 9: Join the dancing

On the ninth day of Christmas, apparently, someone’s true love once gave them nine ladies dancing. Impractical though this is as a Christmas present (not to mention hard to wrap), it suits today’s carol well: the majestic “In dulci jubilo”, set by the seventeenth-century German Lutheran composer Michael Praetorius. The story of the text, originallyContinue reading “Christmas 9: Join the dancing”

Third Candle: Advent is Rising

Rejoice. The third candle, pink and fresh with life, Alights and sparkles while the hope grows long. Rejoice: Advent is rising; though the strife Of ways unprepared may hurt our knees, the strong Will hold the weak and walk. Advent is stretching The stiff joints of silence. Advent is latent Yet stirring with noise; AdventContinue reading “Third Candle: Advent is Rising”