From the ground

“Dada! Find wiggly-woo!” the twins cry,exultant at the chance to dig fingers in earthand find its inhabitants in their hands. And so, on my lunch break, I fossickin our newly dug garden bed,each patch of earth yielding a companion for these delighted fingers,and I store the moment like compostto ferment within, to wriggle me alive.

Nourish the Soil

Then he told this parable: “A man had a fig tree planted in his vineyard; and he came looking for fruit on it and found none…(Luke 13:6) If year after year I too am fruitless, it is not for want of grace, for want of a vine dresser to plead my plaintive case. No, fruitlessnessContinue reading “Nourish the Soil”

“You are God’s field, God’s building” 

Good news. He also works in earthy things: not only stars but soil and grass, carves churches from stone souls, makes mud-houses whole, and knows the ways a seed must break. Good news that maimed bodies are his building, that the one-eyed, the lame, may be fed in his field, good news that his isContinue reading ““You are God’s field, God’s building” “

Lent 8: Wednesday of First Week

  Roots grow deep in rich or sickened soil; Trees bear fruit to turn their insides out.   Many come with leaves which win, beguile: Look again when fruit’s season arrives…   Plant yourself in soil, rich and deep; Watch the good fruit burst forth from your stems.   Do not let gloss or sheenContinue reading “Lent 8: Wednesday of First Week”