Advent 2: The Shoot

When You come back again
Would You bring me something from the fridge?
(Steve Taylor & Peter Furler, “Lost the Plot”)

Remember praise?
It fed your roots back when you learnt to crawl,
back when you burrowed into soil
eager to receive all the earth had to say.
And today?
Defeat is the last refuge of the desolate stump.
Promises of orchards seem taunting,
a mockery. We hoped such things when we were young
but now…
Even Nebuchadnezzar, cut down,
hangs no gardens, only grazes like a cow.
But remember Job of the cutdown tree
when the first shoot of green
defies the brown stump.
Remember the farfetched, microscopic life
that burrows like a promise
and fells kingdoms with its might.

Lent 8: Wednesday of First Week



Roots grow deep in rich or sickened soil;

Trees bear fruit to turn their insides out.


Many come with leaves which win, beguile:

Look again when fruit’s season arrives…


Plant yourself in soil, rich and deep;

Watch the good fruit burst forth from your stems.


Do not let gloss or sheen of leaves deceive:

Only roots which draw from Him will live.