Stillness and Flight

Within this mist we could be anywhere: A grassy knoll sits where the freeway Meets the the Bridge; the air is frozen today And the smell of Vegemite hangs in the air. Chimneys puff in protest or in vapour prayer; The sky in its veil has nothing to say, But my father’s taught me inContinue reading “Stillness and Flight”

Birthday Song (Apologies to Sylvia Plath)

Today would have been the 95th birthday of my maternal grandfather who passed away nearly nine years ago: a man who influenced me and my writing more than one poem can express. Still, I couldn’t let the day pass without acknowledging it in some way, especially while I’m in the midst of writing about myContinue reading “Birthday Song (Apologies to Sylvia Plath)”

Memory in Rain

Essendon is drenched today. On Albion And Buckley where my Granddad learnt to walk, To talk, lies last night’s deluge in puddles, In screen of watery sheen, while vermillion Morning climbs the eastern sky. When we talk Of heritage, does it sit in huddles Like these? old buildings nestled in new ones And the streetsContinue reading “Memory in Rain”

Mind and Soil

As part of my new writing project, My Family and Other Landscapes, I’m setting myself the challenge of writing one sonnet each day for the next few months. I won’t post all of them here, but I’ll make semi-regular updates and select the best to put together a book from them. Here is today’s effort.Continue reading “Mind and Soil”

Other Places #1: Beginnings of a new project

Ding the lights of the level crossing red; The common man is held at standstill now. He measures plight in traffic lights and how Great the cost to take the Bridge instead. The day is long but time spent here is dead, Growing only lines on furrowed brow. I will not kneel to son ofContinue reading “Other Places #1: Beginnings of a new project”

Tom and Bertie

Once the marriage was destroyed* did the one take comfort in the other’s halitosis? And did the other, foul in breath, seek scum to prove that folly persists in churches and in the minds of worshippers? If words are crude and language imprecise, then actions like his speak loudest: a moral compass cast aside withContinue reading “Tom and Bertie”

20 Contemplations #20: Enlighten

Arise, shine, for your light has come… (Isaiah 60:1a) Then the Glory opens up, and the exposition begins…after the sheaves of night, the spirals of anxiety, here the triumph of love and the tears of joy – all the passion of our arms around the Invisible!… (Olivier Messiaen) Do you see a star unlike theContinue reading “20 Contemplations #20: Enlighten”

20 Contemplations #19: Sleep, Wake

I slept, but my heart was awake. A sound! My beloved is knocking… (Song of Solomon 5:2a) The world sleeps, but still some wise men gaze out unto the beckoning sky, and some still wake to hear the door pounding, night humm- ing in active grace of years. No doubt, the gentleness of the stars willContinue reading “20 Contemplations #19: Sleep, Wake”