However it hits us – with sudden strike Or slow attrition – it hits all the same. Movements may be slower, tentative, like A creature not accustomed to the day; Or, paralysed, you might see the sun and Not know that it calls you to anything But sleep. If so, sleep deep. Tomorrow’s hand IsContinue reading “#blessed”


The teachers of the law deceive, devour; The humble king is quizzed on His own law. The pure in heart see God; the kingdom’s poor Inherit what the rich lose with their power. Great David’s greater Son knows that His hour Is soon to come; He knows the loving score Composed and tuned by Father’sContinue reading “Kingdom”

From Ashes 11: The Poor in Spirit and the Fainting Minister

Poverty in spirit is the porch of the temple of blessedness…Till we are emptied of self we cannot be filled with God. Stripping must be worked upon us before we can be clothed with the righteousness which is from Heaven. (C.H. Spurgeon, “The First Beatitude”) I remember a dream I had once, when I wasContinue reading “From Ashes 11: The Poor in Spirit and the Fainting Minister”

Now I tell you (After Rowan Williams’ “Great Sabbath”)

Well, it’s high time that I got down to sharing with you some of the quite extraordinary poetry of former Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams. When Williams became Archbishop, many were unsure of his theology or what he stood for in his faith. Yet read his poetry and you see that, at heart, he isContinue reading “Now I tell you (After Rowan Williams’ “Great Sabbath”)”

Lent 6: Monday of First Week

  Now grace topsy-turvies the world: Mountain-top-truths speak to violent hearts Declaring the way which turns cheek to foe And blesses the poor in spirit, the meek, The hungry, the thirsty, the peaceful, the weak.   Blessed are you: words strangely fitted, A garment much brighter than all its surrounds. A whisper of pain, aContinue reading “Lent 6: Monday of First Week”