“The chariots and horsemen of Israel” (For the end of Epiphany)

The heart seeks Tabernacle: on mountain-top, by river-bank, it longs to settle, to hold the Presence safe, within arm’s reach, just the length of an Elijah’s-staff away. Yet the false Tabernacles we weave as curtains against truth turn Transfiguration to self-help session and seek double portions to allay the moment’s loss. Day turns to night.Continue reading ““The chariots and horsemen of Israel” (For the end of Epiphany)”

Lent 11: Saturday of First Week

And who is He who shines upon mountains, walks and talks with the prophets of old, yet stands without tabernacle?   Who is He whom hills and fields adore, to whom sun defers when light’s of need, the one true radiance of day?   And who is He who bids mouths be closed, who commandsContinue reading “Lent 11: Saturday of First Week”