“The chariots and horsemen of Israel” (For the end of Epiphany)

The heart seeks Tabernacle: on mountain-top, by river-bank, it longs to settle, to hold the Presence safe, within arm’s reach, just the length of an Elijah’s-staff away. Yet the false Tabernacles we weave as curtains against truth turn Transfiguration to self-help session and seek double portions to allay the moment’s loss. Day turns to night.Continue reading ““The chariots and horsemen of Israel” (For the end of Epiphany)”

Lent 23: Thursday of Third Week

Son of David, immortal king, why – Shoot from stump of Jesse, how – Anointed one, long-promised ruler – Where is victory? Where your crown? Losing life to save it, why – Eyes bent towards the grave, what for – Die that life may glorious reign – Our minds cannot contain