Microprayers for Lent: Final Week

35.Can clay say to potter, Why did you make methis way?Clay traitor greets potter with faithless kiss. 36.Soldiers kick up dust beneath urgent angry feet.Creatorof stars and soil is still. Dust covers Him. 37.Before they flee do His shame-faced friends recallbrieflypalm fronds, dusty road, humble king on donkey? 38.My feet, like theirs, carry the fallenContinue reading “Microprayers for Lent: Final Week”

Silent Day

“So because of the Jewish day of Preparation, since the tomb was close at hand, they laid Jesus there.”(John 19:42) This in-between space is our home ground:the time after glories and horrors alike,the time before or after sleep –and sometimes, sometimes it is a stretch, sometimes a quest, or a rest.Yet the tomb is crackingContinue reading “Silent Day”

Holy Day

I gospel myself out the door, toddler in tow, schedule awry, trusting the carboot to have what I need, trusting the grace that orchestrates the day while, afluster, I stride across traffic lights in petroleum-fueled step, eager to evade the Good Friday appeal because, this day as per others, I’ve no change to spare. IContinue reading “Holy Day”

Holy Saturday

I know this day well, have often lived here, yet rarely for good reason, only the wounded pride of disappointment, the failure of God to sate expectations. Licking my wounds, embalming my life goals, I sit beneath a Jonah tree and await the explosion. Nothing comes, only Sabbath: the time for waiting, for preparing spiceContinue reading “Holy Saturday”