Silent Day

“So because of the Jewish day of Preparation, since the tomb was close at hand, they laid Jesus there.”(John 19:42) This in-between space is our home ground:the time after glories and horrors alike,the time before or after sleep –and sometimes, sometimes it is a stretch, sometimes a quest, or a rest.Yet the tomb is crackingContinue reading “Silent Day”

Easter Sunday

Unintentionally, I keep vigil the night before while my son, restless for the dawn, unsettled by the changing of the clocks, bids me stay awake and pray. Some sleep gained before sunrise, yet when the lights comes it feels somehow the natural outworking of the night, for I’ve walked through all its stations, met itsContinue reading “Easter Sunday”

Lent 46: Holy Saturday

Down, they took his body down; Joseph, Nicodemus took him to the tomb reserved for him and soldiers stood and watched.   There they stood; the soldiers stood, to see what ruse might there unfold. suspicious, victory not quite won, the soldiers stood in wait.   Dark took hold, the sky asleep, the faithful inContinue reading “Lent 46: Holy Saturday”