Your Love Is Loud

Your love is loud: it shatters drums And bursts the walls; it shakes, benumbs The membranes and the tubes and nerves. It races through canals and swerves With swimming, soaring ocean thrum. In majesty it overcomes The orchestra, the endless hum Of all that mind and ear preserve: Your love is loud. Now listen asContinue reading “Your Love Is Loud”

What It Is

is a giving, a direction,             a relation to God, a movement within the eternal.          At His core is what we fail to be, to do, to know.             And so we love to show             what we are not and what He is:             relationship, community, righteous love, perfected from             the start,Continue reading “What It Is”

Like Love (After W.H. Auden’s “Law, say the gardeners, is the sun”)

The first of our Auden poems for the month is the wonderful “Law, say the gardeners, is the sun”, a poem that Auden wrote in 1939 around the time of his conversion to Christianity. It was famously written shortly after his profound and emphatic “September 1, 1939”, the poem he wrote on the outbreak ofContinue reading “Like Love (After W.H. Auden’s “Law, say the gardeners, is the sun”)”

Theology Part 4: Psalm

God, my love is vapour,             my heart’s dust. I pass and fade like dew,                        like day;             I tremble like the dawn. God, my all is empty,             I have no grace to give my neighbour or                         give You.             SoContinue reading “Theology Part 4: Psalm”

Theology Part 3: Pursuance

Go and do likewise; what you have seen, now do, and do with joy,             and what you have heard once whispered             in your ear, proclaim it from the rooftops; now shout the truth that rings in your ears; proclaim in word and deed and             in the beat of your changed, now            Continue reading “Theology Part 3: Pursuance”

Theology Part 2: Resolution

…love to one’s neighbour is not to be sung about – it is to be fulfilled in reality. Even if there were nothing else to hinder the poet from artistically celebrating love to one’s neighbour in song, it is quite enough that with invisible letters behind every word in Holy Scripture a disturbing notice confrontsContinue reading “Theology Part 2: Resolution”

Theology Part 1: Acknowledgement

First of all, acknowledge Him; know that all good comes from Him. The sun, the moon are His lamp-shades, the sea His pool, the skies His chair. Health and growth and happiness: these are from Him; He made them. Relationships, prosperity: all good comes from Him. Rain to make the soil soft, sunlight so thatContinue reading “Theology Part 1: Acknowledgement”