The Week of Cherry Blossoms

Today is something of an anniversary for me. Seven years ago, on this day, I wrote my first adult poem. I remember this because it was the last day of winter, and unusually warm. The poem was about a new crush after a long relationship had ended. I’m sure it would be highly embarrassing toContinue reading “The Week of Cherry Blossoms”

Sowing (After George MacDonald’s “Better Things”)

Like many Victorian poets, George MacDonald often wrote poems which were far longer than they needed to be and far more flowery than readers today are comfortable with. But when he succeeded with a poem, he really succeeded, at his best when his form allowed for a simplicity and crispness of language and imagery thatContinue reading “Sowing (After George MacDonald’s “Better Things”)”

Christina Rossetti: Love Lies Bleeding

Sadly, my month of working with Christina Rossetti’s poetry must come to an end. To finish up the month, here is an essay I have written on her poetry. It is an early draft of a chapter towards a larger book I am writing about the power of writing in the Christian life; this meansContinue reading “Christina Rossetti: Love Lies Bleeding”

In His field, amidst the flowers (After Ann Griffiths’ “His left hand, in heat of noonday”)

This is, sadly, my last poem working with the lovely eighteenth-century Welsh poet Ann Griffiths. This one is based on the beautifully simple “His left hand, in heat of noonday”, translated here by H.A. Hodges, who has translated a number of Griffiths’ poems and hymns into English. In my own poem I have worked withContinue reading “In His field, amidst the flowers (After Ann Griffiths’ “His left hand, in heat of noonday”)”