Recognised, Became Invisible: For Jean-Luc Marion

Was it the breaking of bread that did it, That act just so like the Bread of Life? Or was it how the Word opened up the word And our hearts were like flames within us? Our eyes Beheld but did not understand, intuit What lay behind all those parables, rife With intimations of truth,Continue reading “Recognised, Became Invisible: For Jean-Luc Marion”

Easter Sunday

Unintentionally, I keep vigil the night before while my son, restless for the dawn, unsettled by the changing of the clocks, bids me stay awake and pray. Some sleep gained before sunrise, yet when the lights comes it feels somehow the natural outworking of the night, for I’ve walked through all its stations, met itsContinue reading “Easter Sunday”

Break O’Day

Written Easter Sunday in Pyengana, Tasmania Dedicated to the people of Break O’Day Parish, St Helens Drink from the brook. The day sparkles the hills in their joy. Look to the mountains: there comes your help. Springing forth from caves with rolled-away stones breaks the day, breaks the day. Singing in haze, this resurrection joyContinue reading “Break O’Day”

Bursting Dimensions

If you really believe, then the day and the dull of its light won’t confine the dimensions of sight; you may look through the night and see there the promise of Life. Do you really believe? On your way through the frontiers of darkness and time, you may feel all your might leak out intoContinue reading “Bursting Dimensions”

Remember our dust…

Well, as Easter week draws to a close so does my series of Lenten and Easter reflections. But Easter season continues for some weeks now, and my prayer is that we can all use this season to remind ourselves of what is a daily truth: that God’s people are a resurrection people. Here, to bringContinue reading “Remember our dust…”

Easter Thursday

And He reigns! He reigns in light and in quiet, in death and in life, in depth and in height.   He reigns in plenty, He reigns in drought. He reigns in our faith, reigns in our doubt and nothing is too big for Him who rose from death a shining King…   Put toContinue reading “Easter Thursday”

Easter Wednesday

Some wise men follow, some betray; some see the star, some walk astray. Some kings will bow, some kings will kill; some men will starve, some have their fill. Some hearts will turn to rock; some stones will call in praise before His throne. Our folly becomes wise in Him; bow down, world’s wise men;Continue reading “Easter Wednesday”

Easter Tuesday

It shatters; it transfigures: from dust, His kingdom lifts up dust, exalts our frame, remembers, changes, in His name, breathes new life into dry bones, reanimates the dead.   Eleven dusty men, arise: the mountain-top reveals your king. All authority given Him, He gives to you. Lift feeble feet; He gives His message now toContinue reading “Easter Tuesday”