Philosophy is poetry if true

For truth is found in perfect, measured rhyme: The dance between the mystery and clue, The hint of infinite contained in time. Philosophy is true if it is said In words of simple honesty which ring With cosmic shimmers, and the truth is dead If language must obscure idea from thing. Plato’s only truth wasContinue reading “Philosophy is poetry if true”

Easter Monday

  The priests conspire. Money changes hands. Even still, the truth must be buried in dark.   And yet it bursts forth. Indomitable, it rises: a spring-bloom which cannot be killed…   When the first-fruits sprout, the harvest follows. The best-laid plans of priests and men   cannot contain what God has raised. See, itContinue reading “Easter Monday”

Lent 36: Wednesday of Fifth Week

  And it will reveal who has taken talents, hid them in the frugal field, who has sown what has been given and let small things grow.   And it will reveal the hearts of those who plant and reap, the hearts of servants great and small, the motives of the heart’s dark countries. TheContinue reading “Lent 36: Wednesday of Fifth Week”

The Truth is Three Persons (For Gilles Deleuze)

You say I see the world as monochrome – No texture and without tonality. The truth for you grows wild: reality Springs forth, connected, plural, as rhizome. Perhaps it’s true; I’d rather be at home Within the comfort of fixed certainty, For here amidst truth’s many pleats I see The wholeness seen across each movingContinue reading “The Truth is Three Persons (For Gilles Deleuze)”

Voices in the Garden (After Denise Levertov’s “On a Theme by Thomas Merton”)

“Who told you that you were naked?”               His voice Cuts through the trees and fig-leaves. Naked, you stand, glory shattered, Illusion broken, image disconnected, Heart unsure now how to beat. “Did you eat the fruit from the tree?”               His voice Asks yet does not need to be told: Your lips stink to heavenContinue reading “Voices in the Garden (After Denise Levertov’s “On a Theme by Thomas Merton”)”

Sonnet for the Mad Philosophers

Of course they all had their own complexes: Excessive longings of the silent heart And disorders of the solar plexus. Guilt too played its nagging, primal part: That drive which came from God-knows-where to minds Now smart enough to fear but not to change. Plato jumped at shadows behind the blinds; Descartes saw lying demonsContinue reading “Sonnet for the Mad Philosophers”


What churches, prisons, feudal pyramids Possess in common is Authority. Only the state’s power, not the State, exists, And power is exchanged through you and me. Our eyes, transfixed by prison walls, confuse The institution with the power it holds Mixing correct use up with the abuse And sovereign love with the despot who scolds.Continue reading “Immanence”

Lines of Flight

No root, no trunk, no stem, only these weeds; No path to travel, only lines of flight. No start, no finish, unity or seed, Only these thoughts that twist and turn, alight. And when the course is twisted and the root Cannot be simplified, then who are we? We are creators and Creation’s fruit, WeContinue reading “Lines of Flight”