Lent: New Song 1

Oh sing to the Lord a new song; sing to the Lord all the earth!…Tell of his salvation from day to day.
(Psalm 96:1, 2b)

Old songs rot in dead ears;
Old ruts of thought declare:
That was not me       I will try harder
         I had no choice
                That’s just the person that I am…

To fudge is human; to change is divine.
The former things are dying;
Listen to this newest song,
The freshest song to sound in years:
All your dead deeds will crumble, fade,
yet there’s a God who gladly saves
and in the stars’ ancient dust He calls forth light…

Turn; sing to Him from your dust heap
      and praise
your morning Son,
your great Ancient of Days…

J.S. Bach: Motet BWV 225 ‘Singet dem Herrn’ – Vocalconsort Berlin

Evening Collect: The Horn is Lifted (Cornucopia of Heaven)

Adriaen van Ostade - A Baker Sounding His Horn (Wikimedia Commons)
Adriaen van Ostade – A Baker Sounding His Horn (Wikimedia Commons)

Evening Collect: The Horn is Lifted

After Hammock, “Tres Dominé


O God –

the empty horn is lifted;

the hollow shell is given voice;

the broken branch is whittled out

and sings.


Three persons,

my emptiness becomes Your fullness;

my earthen jar becomes Your vessel;

my bruised reed hums with Your song

in praise.


My soul

is empty, yet Your table flows with plenty.

The thrum in my heart resounds in Your space.

O God, to You this broken shell is lifted:

let it fill.



Assurance (Cornucopia of Heaven)



After Giovanni Gabrieli, “Exultavit Cor Meum”


From depths,
            from brokenness, the trumpet
sounds, the trumpet
                        sounds the new,
            it sounds the dawn
                        of low made high.
                                    Exalt, my heart!
            My heart exalts.
                        My eyes will see,
                                    my ears will hear
            O Domino,
                        exalt my humbled knees
                                    and hear
                        the polyphonic joy, the song
                                of humbled, broken
                                     songs arising
                 from the fractured soil,
                        the soul
                                    now sings
                        a trumpet call…

Psalm: Creation (The Cornucopia of Heaven)

Image of the Milky Way from Summit Lake, West Virginia, ForestWander Wikimedia Commons
Image of the Milky Way from Summit Lake, West Virginia, ForestWander
Wikimedia Commons

Psalm: Creation

After Joseph Haydn, “Die Schöpfung: Erster Teil”

Why all these bodies, and why should persons be able to communicate with each other? And why trees and earth and water and fire and wind and lions and lambs and lilies and birds and bread and wine?

(John Piper, This Momentary Marriage)


Collects: Sparrows (After Knut Nystedt and Anathallo)

Wikimedia Commons
Wikimedia Commons

Collects: Sparrows

After Knut Nystedt, “Prayers of Kierkegaard, Pt. 3: Great Are You, O God” and Anathallo, “Sparrows”


When under the arch of heaven I stand surrounded by the wonders of creation, I rapturously and adoringly praise your greatness, you who lightly hold the stars in the infinite and concern yourself fatherly with the sparrow…

(Søren Kierkegaard, Christian Discourses)

So praise:

the roof is gone;
            we behold the heavens.
Stars break through at night,
            the sun
declares the day too bright for us –

                        we praise

and trust,
as birdsong breaks
            into the sanctuary quiet.
Even sparrows
            find a home…
Though altars burn
            yet nothing ever
binds the hands
                        of Him who holds the stars
                                    and cares
a Father, for His little flock

            and opens wide the sky to show
                        the openness of loving hands

            even cares
for sparrows,                         even
clothes the grass
                        with dew…



…if God so clothes the grass, which is alive in the field today, and tomorrow is thrown into the oven, how much more will he clothe you, O you of little faith!

(Luke 12:28)


Sparrows whistle –
grass is buzzing –
day is gaining
heat and light.
Sing O sing –
sing all creation,
sing guitar strings –

Whisper, beaks,
            and dance, small talons,
sing and trust –
            the ground now breaks
with momentum
            into day
and as you hope,       small sparrows,
           for these
crowns of leaves        and songs
of breezes: how
      much more,
           O you

            weak and wilting,
how much more
will He                        crown you?

Psalm: Lilies (The Cornucopia of Heaven)

Lilies and peonies by Guiseppe Castiglione (1688-1766) Wikimedia Commons
Lilies and peonies by Guiseppe Castiglione (1688-1766)
Wikimedia Commons

After Antonio Vivaldi, “Le Quattro Stagioni – La Primavera: II. Largo”

 Creator God, whose praise and power are proclaimed by the whole creation: receive our morning prayers, we pray…

(A Prayer Book for Australia)

Consider         how the lilies open –

Watch them enter     into light…


in all his        splendour

was not robed like these.

Consider,    also           fleeting sparrows:

not gathering,                  not  daring night.

Watch sparrows                    dance

across these flowers –

watch as dew           sings praise.

O sing, and be                        in quiet hours

witnesses       of lily-joy..

Consider how            the lilies       open –

watch, and praise Him

in light…